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There's no shortage of ways to connect with friends and family via free video calls, whether it's on a phone, tablet, or computer, and Google Duo is only the latest atop the pile.Its cross-platform approach gives it an edge over Face Time, but what about other major video chat apps?In classic Apple fashion, Face Time's simplicity is its calling card, as the app and UI aren't overloaded with features—nor does it have text chat included.It's you and the other person (so no group calls), and if all you want to do is catch up with a pal or loved one, Face Time is a pretty ideal way to do so on your i Phone or Mac.Messenger Log 8 - our powerful chat monitor get evolved again! - Bug fix for set a network path to store chat log file. - Support upload chat logs via secure SMTP (Gmail / Hotmail / Yahoo / AOL).Monitor and record chat from all popular instant messengers: Skype, Microsoft Lync, Yahoo Messenger, AIM/AOL, ICQ, and Google Talk. - Bug fix for monitoring Skype chat's typing indication message. It's got a really clean, minimal UI, and has a small memory footprint.And unlike some other services in the past (we are looking at you, Trillian), it doesn't come with its own account aka a Franz ID.

It’s also worth noting portable Adium, which can be run from a USB stick.

People opening up the Messenger i OS or Android apps for the first time will see an added link letting them join Messenger with just a name, phone number, and contact photo.

Most of the apps' features will still be available this way, including voice and video calls and sharing media like photos and videos.

Signing in with a Facebook account is still strongly encouraged by the company however, since this not only imports friends from the social network but triggers message alerts across multiple devices and the Web.

Facebook has been gradually working to turn Messenger into its own platform.

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