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The sizzling platters had to be ordered separately and were then brought to your table.Given a plate, off we went to the 50-dish extravaganza which enabled us to try a bit of everything, proving conclusively that we all have different tastes and heat preferences.Rather than focus on one particular country or theme, we feature wines from around the globe, with many from up-and-coming areas such as South Africa, South America, Australia, Spain, and New Zealand. Yet not every wine sings in perfect harmony with every cheese… As we taste our way through a flight of excellent wines we will... Join us to with a flavor journey like no other as we taste through our favorite hand selected cheeses and our favorite beverage, Rosé.

Join us for our new series celebrating the wonderfully diverse and ever-changing world of wine!Buffets have therefore never been my thing, associating them in my mind with gluttony, and having travelled round the USA and seen humanity gorging themselves silly on the all-you-can-eat offerings, nothing has altered my perception. They still conjure images of bad wedding fare – sausage rolls, cocktail sausages, battered chicken, brie wedges and crisps, an orange fuzz stretching into the distance, like a heart attack on a conveyor belt, as far as the eye can see. First of all the food is organic, locally-sourced wherever possible and all made freshly every day.Vegetarians, vegans and those requiring gluten-free food are also brilliantly catered for, without detracting from the regular meat eaters. Was the standard of food going to suffer for its credentials? utterly holds its own while charming you into the bargain – a clever, subtle and effective conversion. for curry in the unusual location of the Kassam’s cinema complex I will never take Mr Greedy away on a cruise ship.The all-day buffets would probably kill him, and, unable to refuse the generous breakfast buffet, followed swiftly by lunch, tea and dinner offerings, would need to be carried off when we finally disembarked. Situated light years away from the curry heartlands of Cowley Road, on the site of the former Aziz Express at the Kassam Stadium’s Ozone Leisure Park, it may seem like an unusual location, but then this is no ordinary Indian.

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