Tom brady dating giselle

Once upon a time the New England Patriot quarterback and his supermodel wife, Gisele Bündchen, were considered one of Hollywood's most dazzling couples.

Scandal-free, the only editorial about them seemed to consist of how they both represented genetic perfection.

And for the first time, Gisele saw a side of Tom she hadn't previously witnessed in six years of marriage."They had a very rough few months and the Deflategate scandal took its toll on their marriage," an insider tells E! "Tom was very difficult to be around and withdrawn.

Gisele was supportive, but she also was frustrated with his stress level and anger.

From the first day we met, we've never spent one day without speaking to each other." Gisele also confessed that she "wasn't looking for a relationship" at the time.

"I'd always been in serious relationships, but you learn a lot about yourself when you're by yourself, and I was enjoying that process.

She felt like he was taking things out on her and not being fair."Tom under pressure wasn't something Gisele liked being around and so she decided to give herself some distance. It was much needed."But the French excursion created even more drama for the couple, with some tabloids claiming her trip to the City of Lights was so the 35 year old could undergo top-secret plastic surgery.

Says a friend, "Gisele took off several times with her sisters and friends to get away. (Pictures of two burqa-clad woman were rumored to be Gisele and sister Rafaela because they were reportedly accompanied by a man identified as the model's longtime Paris chauffeur.) It was not the kind of gossip one of the world's highest-paid models needed, especially someone who was used to being praised for her naturally enviable assets.

My father always said the quality of your life depends on [the] quality of [your] relationships,” Bundchen said of the weeks leading up to Brady’s successful appeal of the four-game ban.

They had two wonderful kids together and spellbindingly successful careers.

Their lives, away from the football field and catwalk, seemed to consist of private jets, exotic getaways, magnificent homes and super-star friends. Tom became embroiled in a scandal over whether his team had purposely deflated footballs during the AFC Championship game against the Indianapolis Colts, and his name was tarnished.

When you're a Super Bowl winning quarterback and two-time MVP, you're likely to have the option of dating some of the hottest women on the planet.

To his credit, that's what New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady has done.

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