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Rygel and Aeryn, D’Argo and Noranti, and John and Sikozu are linked.The doctor who poisons them (Tumii) tells them he can cure them if they pay. I Was A Teenage Luxan: When D’Argo is experiencing Noranti’s orgasm, he goes to ask John for assistance—just what the hell was he going to ask John to do!?

Rygel then poisons the doctor, after biting off his nose. Meanwhile, a mechanic (Mujombre, literally woman/man in Spanish) and a minder (Mekken) arrive to fixe Moya. His/her minder finds out and is going to kill her but Scorpius kills him instead. He steals the molluscs from the club and legs it, and for once he can make a case that it wasn’t cowardice but necessary expediency because he and Aeryn were deteriorating so quickly. Then he feeds him half a mollusc, leaves the rest out to be eaten by wildlife and thus kills him very nastily indeed.

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The resulting abnormal behaviour can increase stress on the walls of the crypt, causing buckling.

Such dysplastic crypts can allow the formation of a benign adenoma if mutated cells do not leave the crypt as they should, but rather persist and proliferate in a localised area.

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