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Another type of bluestone, the so-called spotted dolerite, was convincingly traced to the Mynydd Preseli area in north Pembrokeshire in the early 1920s However, the sources of the other bluestones - chiefly rhyolites (a type of rock) and the rare sandstones remained, until recently, unknown.

Now geologists at Amgueddfa Cymru National Museum Wales have further identified the sources of one of the rhyolite types, which also provides the opportunity for new thoughts on how the stones might have been transported to the Stonehenge area.

A basic henge is simply a, roughly, circular space, enclosed by a ditch and bank earthwork, with an entrance, or entrances, leading to the centre.

As a rule (there are, of course, exceptions), the bank is built up on the outside of the ditch – an arrangement usually regarded as being unsuitable for defensive purposes.

I have been told by the holiday rep that I should write a letter in order to get a refund, but when I asked who I should send the letter to, he could not give me a clear answer.Most henges contained various types of feature – for instance, arrangements of stones, timbers or pits.It is generally thought that they were ceremonial centres, where people would gather together to take part in religious rituals and other communal activities.Their findings are published in the March 2011 edition of the Journal of Archaeological Science.Dr Richard Bevins, Keeper of Geology at Amgueddfa Cymru, in partnership with Dr Rob Ixer, University of Leicester and Dr Nick Pearce of Aberystwyth University, have been working on the rhyolite component of the bluestones, which leads them to believe it is of Welsh origin.

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