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Tracking progress in an orderly manner will help keep your plan up to date and in this lesson you will learn to use these tracking tools.This lesson will also show you how to consolidate many projects into one and communicate with team members (workgroup) and exchange information such as team member assignments and task updates and other project data between various other applications.On the Microsoft Office Specialist certification page, the company specifies who benefits from training with Office.

Plan resources, manage team schedules, calculate what-ifs scenarios, and easily collaborate with all the project stakeholders.

Training in Microsoft Office means gaining a deep level of understanding of a crucial group of programs.

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According to Microsoft, cost resources do not depend on the amount of work done on tasks, so when you have a task that has a Work resource and a Cost resource assigned to it, information of the cost resource does not update as expected.

However, when you create schedules, there are tasks that need to have a cost resource assigned to it. Ben Howard in his article, As you can see the cost resource values are also accrued to the task as it is being updated.

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