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If you’re the type of person who wants to keep your travel time in the range of say, five mind-numbing Top 40 songs as opposed to 10, choose your location carefully.

Florida’s nonstop, rabbit-on-Viagra-like growth slammed into a brick wall when the recession hit. A check of 31,000 rental units in Tampa shows 23,000 of them are at least 30 years old, while just 8,000 were built within the last five years.

My mom kept saying no, but the sale people kept saying oh, your husband said yes.

These people at Fuccillo are EVIL and should be put out of business for taking advantage of the elderly.

My dad, who has dementia from a terminal cancer made a discussion which he is not capable of making.

My dad can't even afford his cancer medicine, let along a new car.

Archaeological evidence indicates that the shores of Tampa Bay were inhabited by indigenous peoples for thousands of years.

The Safety Harbor culture developed in the area around the year 1000 AD, and the descendant Tocobaga and Pohoy chiefdoms were living in or near the current city limits of Tampa when the area was first visited by Spanish explorers in the 16th century.

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Who would want to do business with such unprofessional sleezebags? They really need to clean up their act or they'll start losing business. I'm not a fan of Kia cars anyway, but even if I was, I would go over to Galeana instead. She had a very nice black dress on and looked very pretty. My elderly parents were taken advantage of, Big Time. Hiding in an attic and vowing never to return to prison, Lacy killed police Officer Jeffrey Yaslowitz, 39, and injured a deputy U. He was found dead in the rubble of the house where he made his last stand. Lacy, 39, fired wildly at police from inside the attic for the next several hours.NICHOLAS LINDSEY: The 16-year-old prowler is accused of killing St. He was arrested after the largest manhunt in Tampa history. He still faces the death penalty if convicted of the other murders. Crawford, 46, was holding his notebook when he was killed. Morris got out of prison in April 2010, police say, then spent the summer robbing and killing Derek Anderson, 20; Rodney Jones, 42; and Harold Wright, 25. Kalisz, 57, was sentenced to life for Reed's murder.

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