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) instruments shipped out to us relatively quickly. (I’m getting the idea that this is comparable to the “stolen motorcycle black”, though glossy instead of matte.) I wrote again when my guitar was stolen in late October, but it was way gone.

We did have a few gigs there on borrowed instruments, which was sort of fun. Right before this tour had started, late September 2004, I had seen a 1963 Stratocaster for sale in Rockridge (Oakland) for 00 on Craigslist… So I decided to get a touring instrument from Fender, I ordered the American Vintage 1962 reissue guitar. This guitar arrived while we were on tour, all shiny and new. This guitar now has a racing stripe on it, (to make it faster, obviously.) We toured throughout the end of 2004 and I left the guitar in Sweden at my wife’s parents’ house, anticipating coming back in the spring for Chaos Butterfly shows, which I used it for as well.

When my 1971 Stratocaster named “Honey” was stolen, Camper Van Beethoven was in the middle of a tour.

Luckily for us, we had a management connection to somebody at Fender so we were able to get “artist-priced” (that means half of retail, I guess?

These guitars have serial numbers, but they are NOT serialized 1 through 100.

Each guitar John Cruz makes, regardless what kind of guitar, gets the next serial number in line. I do not see it as different from any other product - where there is a demand, someone is going to fill it.

Fender built on Gibson’s development of the humbucker to produce a sweet sounding pickup, and hired Seth Lover, the man responsible for the Gibson humbucker to help with the design – and the result […] View more SERIAL NUMBER: 262710 NECK DATE: 3RD MAY 1969 ‘B’ neck Folks, this guitar is a humdinger: even the original scratchplate is just about worn right through due to the previous owner’s obvious affection for this beaut !

Ok, well, it’s such a great guitar this is understandable ….. This seriously is a nice player: with […] View more SERIAL NUMBER: 31417 – 1958 NECK DATE: NONE Dating these old Strats is never easy, but it is all early parts, and may well be the matching neck/body that left the factory together?

I’m not convinced by Fender’s Vintage Reissue series… I didn’t like the bend of the whammy bar arm, so I kept trying to bend it or get new ones to try. The pickups sounded great, though, especially the bridge pickup.

In November 2003, Fender announced that 100 guitars would be made, priced at ,000 each, all made by John Cruz.

The guitar debuted at the winter NAMM show January 15-18, 2004.

By '85/'86 the headstocks on the Fender copies are not exact replicas of a Fender headstock.

Seem to have more of an angle to them - close but not exact, this change may have accurred as early as 1982 in the US.

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