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I use this site for just about every old/slightly used item I want to sell.You can also find inexpensive items slightly used that may be just what you need, such as a washer or dryer for a fracture of new items (such as when someone upgrades their stuff or has an estate sale.) Christian artist Randy Welborn brings the fifties back to life in his Moments to Remember series of paintings, depicting Beaumont, Texas as it appeared in the fifties with classic cars, movie posters, neon lights, and more.It is our goal to provide Christian singles with a safe environment in which to meet, get to know each other, and fall in love.

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We want you to be with a right person, who has the same ideas, is loving, tender and treat you with respect.

We're certain you'll be content with our reviews and eagerly await your feedback on the quality and efficiency of this new service.

This post is intended as a follow-up to Erica Schlaikjer’s recent post about the new “skywalks” in Mumbai.

Includes many articles about Christian dating and safety.

This site has a comprehensive database of Active Christian Singles Groups in the US.

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